In the heart of Africa, above the shores of Lake Tanganyika, lies a small country of immense beauty – Burundi.  It is an extension of the Rift valley, and the soils in these high volcanic mountains together with the plentiful rainfall and perfect climate provide the exact conditions necessary for the production of specialty Arabica Bourbon coffee.  Nestled in these hills in the province of Gitega is the community of Mutoyi.  It is here that IBUCO has begun the processing and production of high quality Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee.

In consultation and in agreement with the coffee cooperative of Mutoyi – IBUCO has begun a coffee washing station to process the coffee grown by the 2,000 members of the coffee cooperative. It is this mutual agreement of working together that builds the promise that specialty coffee can be produced that will enable local farmers to increase their production and their revenue providing a sustainable future and prosperity for their families and for the community – IBUCO … a word in Kirundi, the local Burundian language, that can be translated into  “a new dawn is breaking …”



Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee from Burundi