A Family Enterprise

IMG_1238IBUCO Coffee is a Burundian / American family business. Gloriose  Sakubu and David Rothrock met in Burundi when they both were working for an international relief and development agency. They married, worked in Kenya for five years and returned to Burundi to raise their two children.

Burundi is blessed with the natural environment to grow very fine specialty Arabica coffee. When the government of Burundi privatized the coffee sector, Gloriose and David became part of a project to build a coffee washing station, supporting a cooperative of 2000 peasant farmers to process and market their coffee.

Gloriose is the Managing Director of IBUCO in Burundi and oversees the washing station. David markets the green coffee for sale in the US.  But Gloriose helps to market the coffee and David travels to Burundi to support the washing station. They work together.

And their dream is to promote Burundian specialty coffee so that the producers can receive a just price for their coffee and thereby promote the dignity of their families and their lives.

Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee from Burundi