Burundian Farmers

The production of the best specialty coffee does not happen by itself. It requires a sustained, conscious effort on the part of everyone involved: the farmers and their families, the local community, the cooperative, the washing station, the processor and dry mill, the national coffee board, the national coffee association and the exporter. At IBUCO, we are striving to assure that everyone contributes to producing the best coffee possible. Beginning with the farmer, IBUCO is working to support the creation of local associations so that the individual farmer can receive training in best practices, to supply agricultural inputs of fertilizer and hopefully to provide new Arabica seedlings to replace and increase the coffee stock.

The production of specialty coffee is successful only when there is a combined effort of all working together. When this happens, and we are doing all we can to help it happen, everyone benefits and Burundi can be proud of its fine specialty coffee.

Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee from Burundi