Direct Trade Relationship Coffee

At the heart of the work of IBUCO is the relationship with the local farmers and the local community in Buurundi.  IBUCO was born in Burundi and is Burundian. IBUCO works closely with the local farmers of Mutoyi; IBUCO knows the farmers and supports them; many local farmers worked to build the IBUCO washing station; many local people, especially women, continue to work with IBUCO during the harvest and processing of the cherry at the washing station and the drying tables.

IBUCO can and does trace its coffee to the local “colline” (hill) where it was produced. IBUCO can identify the local association that produces the coffee. IBUCO wants to ensure that the children of all the farmers are in school. IBUCO can introduce the local Burundian farmer to the American roaster and the person who finally tastes and enjoys Burundian specialty coffee in his/her cup.

All the coffee from IBUCO is traced back to the local washing station and very often, to the local “colline”, hill. The tracing is verifiable, identifying the local farmers who have produced the coffee.

Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee from Burundi