Ndava/Ngogoma Specialty Coffee

Ndava/Ngogoma Washing StationA direct trade specialty coffee that is certified by ARFIC, the Burundian Coffee Board and ICO.

Cupping Notes: “Sugar Cane”, “Mild Body”

Region: Collines Ndava and Ngogoma, Muyinga Province, Burundi, Local Associations

Washing Station: Ndava/Ngogoma

Lot: Lot 3902# – 197 bags – Fully Washed   A

Altitude: 1650 Meters

Soil: Red, clay, volcanic

Mill: SIVCA Ngozi – Ultra violet and manual sorting

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Fully washed and dried on tables

Grain Pro bags

Available: The Green Room,  Auburn, WA

For more information about this product, or to place an order, please email David Rothrock at david@ibucocoffee.com.

Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee from Burundi