Our Mission

ur Mission: To support the production of high quality coffee that can be sold to the specialty coffee market thereby promoting community and integral human development.

Our Vision:  To support and transform the livelihoods of local coffee farmers, by promoting an inclusive business model with a special attention to the role of women, through the production of superior quality coffee and income sharing.

Our Goal: To promote sustainable coffee production systems and help producers get access to better revenues from coffee sales.

Our Method: To produce a specialty coffee  through the use of “best practices” in coffee growing and processing and to help producers maintain best production methods.

DSCN0273Our Challenge:  To overcome low cycles of production by supporting best agricultural methods, including the use of organic manure and integrated pest management. Introduce certification schemes with FLO, UTZ Certified, …

Our Commitment: To work hand in hand with small coffee producers’ associations in promoting pathways for individuals and communities to pursue their sustainable development by expanding economic and social opportunities.

Specialty Arabica Bourbon Coffee from Burundi